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Second Annual “Believe In Me” Bike Ride

Hosted by Greater Rochester Rotary

Fun Ride: 7 or 15 miles
Individual $20
Family $35

Advanced Ride: 30, 53, 70 or 102 miles
Individual: $35

Event starts at Mayo High School, 1420 11th Ave SE, Rochester, MN 55904

There will be plenty of rest stops with food and drinks. Our support team includes a sag wagon and bike resources/assistance. We want to make this a great experience for all and are here to offer you the support you need.

Thank you for supporting our local rotary programs and our local youth!



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      1. Jane when I look at te registration you are not listed so you paid but can you go into the site and go to the registration page. this will inlcude the waiver and you can put your shirt size. We will make sure you get a shirt. let me know if you need more help and you can always call me at 507-250-3726. Thank you.


  1. I paid by PayPal..and it did not give me a place to put the size tshirt I want on the form?? I made sure I ordered before May 20th.


    1. Did you complete the waiver as that is where you put your shirt size? I will check tomorrow and if you did not I will get it to you. In any case I guarantee you that you will get a shirt and the size you request. Thank you for participating in the GRR bike ride and helping the youth in our community


      1. You paid but you did not register.Can you go to the web site and go to the registration page and register. It will have the waiver and ask for your size. We wilkl nake sure you get the right shirt. You can always call me for more help at 507-250-3726. Thank you.


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