June 13, 2020

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5th Annual “Believe In Me” Bike Ride

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Hosted by Greater Rochester Rotary

Trail Ride: 6 or 14 miles

Rode ride: 34, 60, 82 or 102 miles

43 Mile Gravel Ride!

Starts at Eagles Fraternal Organization in Rochester, with registration beginning at 7:00am.

Address: 917 15th Ave SE, Rochester MN 55904

There will be plenty of rest stops with food and drinks. Our support team includes a sag wagon and bike resources/assistance. We want to make this a great experience for all and are here to offer you the support you need. Included in the cost of the ride of your choice we will have a meal including a single beverages being served at the Eagles Club.

Thank you for supporting our local rotary programs and our local youth!


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  1. Loved your ride again this year!! Great volunteers. Loved the ending with the bell being rung. I cant wait till next year.
    Thanks for putting on such a great event


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